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I'm Grace. I'm a Implementation Expert & Course Clarity Strategist

What this means is that I help people understand their goals, educate them on the tools they need to accomplish the goal, create a comprehensive plan of action and provide accountability along the way. At the center of my word is God, and allowing him to navigate our path.

I’m an educator with a gift for clarity and the passion to help people move past their excuses, insecurities, and lack of information, by providing tools and action steps to conquer any goal one check mark at a time.

Want to know more?

I ’m a Nigerian American who migrated to the united states at the age of 10. I am a Fixer (as my sister said when we were kids), a creative, doer, educator, Jesus lover and wife to a phenomenal and handsome man.


My dream as a child was to become a doctor or engineer. A doctor so that I can “fix things” and an engineer so that I can “build things”. It was always innate in me to help people, by not just telling them "what" to do but “how” to do it.  


Fast forward to college, and I found myself always doing something in the field of education, either teaching science to little kids in a local elementary school near my campus or working for college access program during my summer months as a counselor, tutor, and mentor.


I had so much satisfaction in seeing students create a goal, develop an action plan, hold themselves accountable and achieve their goal.

One factor that has set highly successful students and clients apart from others has been their mindset, so let's push past fear and self-doubt and do it anyway.


          "Feel the fear and do it anyway"


Life has taught me that success appears differently for everyone and my creativity has allowed me to “fix things” or “build things” with a unique perspective.       


I’ve been blessed to have helped, family, friends, colleagues, student, and organizations reach and exceed their goals.

Let me use my God-given talent to help you “build” or “fix” that goal that you have been struggling with.


Are you struggling with what your next steps should be? Want to get a degree or certificate but don't know how? Want to embrace a healthy lifestyle but you are struggling? Then let's work together to move you from uncertainty to actually developing your goal, facing and conquering fear using the right tools and “shortcuts” to move from simply dreaming to actualizing your goal. The ability to clearly see the steps and process it takes to achieve any goal is my sweet spot, and I want to help you clear your course towards clarity.