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I'm Grace


I teach Multi-passionate Educators and women to realign with her purpose so she can enjoy her life

I have been an educator for a decade and I have helped educators alike through private coaching and workshops. I work with educators who may feel "burnt out" and "unfulfilled" hone their skills and make a Purpose First Career Pivot

Your purpose has the ability to transform your work and inevitably your life

Your thoughts, beliefs, and mindset can transcend your life.

Your skills, passions, talents, professional abilities and experiences, can afford you the chance to DESIGN YOUR CAREER


I'll show you exactly how to package your skills & experiences, so you can PIVOT into the career that truly reflects your PURPOSE



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"Working with Grace is phenomenal. I don’t know where to begin. She is very knowledgeable and insightful. She was able to guide me through what my mission and vision were in the simplest way. The conversations we had were straight to the point and meaningful, which allowed me to have a clear understanding on who my target audience was, what they lacked and the types of services they would benefit from. After implementing her recommendations and utilizing her resources, I realized how valuable I can be and was able to launch my business within a few months of working with her. Grace services have allowed me room to grow. I am no longer feel stuck in my thoughts, instead, I am now putting in the work. I will totally recommend her services to anyone in need of clarity, anyone who is ready to launch a business, anyone who is ready to start small and grow big"

Stella - Magicallyliving.com

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